For Sale 1972 T2 crossover baywindow camper, I bought this bus 2 years ago from a film production company in Essex where it had been used in filming and some adverts, most notably being the TSB ad with David shwimmer from friends, unfortunately it's not the 1 he drove it was used for background shots when they were filming in 2 different locations, but it's why the van is this colour. It was a rolling shell when we bought it and we have had the engine and gearbox refitted and serviced and brakes steering and suspension sorted, she did undergo a fairly extensive restoration in 2011 but 13 yrs on it is starting to show but she is a usable bus we took her to bugjam and whitenoise last year and she drove to both venues without any problems whatsoever. Unfortunately a change of circumstances means we have to sell her on.