My beautiful Sunny Super awesome, super rare UK VW Squareback/Variant  It is with a very heavy heart that I find myself listing my super rad Squareback “Sunny” here on eBay. I bought her back in 2015 from a guy in London who basically lied through his teeth and told me she was solid. She wasn’t!! So as I’d already fallen head over heels for her I set about finding the right people who could help. There were a couple of well known companies who said they could but didn’t fancy it when push came to shove. Enter Dennis and Toni Cunliff aka Slambasidors.  After many phone calls, pleas and on my knees begging for help they stepped up and took the job on. Fabbing parts, welding where needed and generally rebuilding her to a running rolling beauty. All the electrics were taken care of by Iain Burns air cooled AutoElec and then off to MAC VW for a service and set up. See photos for more info, can’t fit anymore here… Since then we have had a wonderful fun filled few years together and have been all over turning heads everywhere we go, enjoyed shows, Tatton and BugJam were our faves.  since getting her back up and running she’s been looked after with no expense spared by Chris at Garage 87 in Cheadle. I can’t speak highly enough of his work! Running a super sweet 1776 motor with new twin carbs and a hex bar set up, she sure picks her feet up when asked to. Rolling on colour coded and diamond cut riviera (age correct) wheels and nearly new tyres. Had a new head lining fitted last year and the seats and carpets are in pretty good nick (carpets need a little more glue but I’ll sort that before she goes) this old girl has lots of paper work and has passed through many hands in her 51 years but non more loving than my own. The roof is painted black with multi coloured flake (which I hated at first but now love) she has very faded pin striping on her wings and I had the glove box pin striped in homage to that.  I’ve loved every minute of owning this Car but I’m entering a different chapter of my life and I’d like to let go of the old and enter the new and that’s the only reason she’s leaving me. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll do all I can to reply as quickly as possible. Thanks for looking, Paul Sold as seen with no warranty given or implied.