Reserved Deposit Taken.

This is a Pretty much stock standard and original Australian RHD VW Oval Beetle that I have owned for almost 15years. Bought when I lived in Perth WA and imported when we migrated back and since buying it have sympathetically improved it to enable it to cope with modern day driving and importantly safely with my family on board.

Lots of pictures are on the add, all i ask is your look at the pictures carefully as they form a huge part of the description and read the add in its entirety before reaching out with questions. 

I worked in the VW Restoration industry in my early career and looked hard for a good solid beetle when i found this one. I knew whilst i lived in Australia i could find not only a rust free Oval, a right hand drive one to. 

Its an all matching engine gearbox and original structurally solid car. Comes with VW museum dating Birth certificate. Anyones who has tried registering a car in the UK it can be a headache dealing with DVLA!

Its all original floors, channels etc. No dodgy welding to the structure of the car. Its lived in a dry climate all of its life hasn’t it! Roll underneath its all original original original. Under the rear seats its perfect, floors, heater channels, door pillars, wheel wells. It goes on.

The paintwork had a refresh before my time and is ageing ok and weathering accordingly now its in a uk climate. Its has had some paint blending in places to keep on top of it and has matched up pretty well considering we/they were trying to match 20+ year old paintwork. 

The car runs great. Starts on the button and drives very well. The engine had enjoyed a refresh before my time, i imagine at the same point as the paint and its really strong and the cases are in amazing shape as is the tinware. It Pulls really well. Ive had a couple of oil changes and plug changes over my ownership and brake overhaul. It was my trade once so I do it as and when needed.

Alex at Defcon in Ringwood has done plenty of work on the car and helped get it through its registering process so knows the car well and can vouch for it. Hes not seen it for a few years but it hasnt been used much eather and lives in an insulated garage!

Gearbox is the original crash box and works faultlessly. The box leaks a minimum of oil. I top it up every year with about half a litre of oil. About £5!. Whilst i know its leaking I know its got oil in it. 

Seats are original, recovered in TMI covers and was in it when I got it. Door panels are repros from a guy in Cornwall but they don’t fit that great either but looked a lot better than nothing. Ive tried to source some better ones but have given up as again, they're fine. 

Carpet could definitely do with replacing as they were damaged when fitting seatbelts. Headliners not amazing either but its there!

Everything works electrically. Semaphores aren’t wired in now its 12v. Indicators and brake lights are within the rear lights, indicators are in the front lights. Glass is original.

Suspension. Front had adjusters fitted before I got the car. Rear is lowered to to suit.

The brakes have recently been overhauled. Slight pedal pulse however i can live with it as its only 30hp!

Had the wiring all done and 12 volt conversion with a 12v Generator I imported from the states so it looks stock. Original will be supplied.

The guys at cogbox did a complete carb overhaul. Game changing.

3 point seatbelts front and rear. genuine cabriolet fixings for the back to try and keep it looking as factory as possible which was important.

Rear wheels have been banded 3inch. Ive got spare stock rear wheels for it that will come with it.

In a nutshell. This a good honest car that Ive owned a decent amount of time to be honestly able to tell you everything about the car. Sure its not perfect but its nearly 70 years old and I live in the real world so invite interested buyers to ensure they do. Sure its no Volksworld best of show, but its a proper useable car that you can just enjoy, take to events, park it in show and shine and it stands up against good show quality cars well. Its had its picture taken Alot!

That said, If you wanted to do a restoration one day it would be a great base as its already a good car you will be making better. 

The sale is not without a fair amount of reluctance as the car is clearly part of our family.

I own a motorcycle dealership specialising in unique motorcycles so would consider a Motor Bike at close to trade money. My company is called Uniquewheels so please take a look to get confidence in my description of the car. Ive no reason to inflate the condition of this car as it just wastes my own time, let alone yours. .

On that note, i can naturally assist anyone with worldwide shipping. I run a reputable company so can offer you a safe secure purchase.

Important. Im a genuine seller and just ask for genuine buyers / interest to contact me only please. Time is precious to me, I have very little of it so want to spend it dealing with the serious buyers.

Car is located in Ringwood Hampshire UK and can be viewed mutually anytime with notice. I am happy for you to bring someone who knows what they are looking if you dont but please please please leave Eddie Experts with attitude at home. 

Im looking for offers around the asking price. Although i dont "need" to sell the car when i make a decision to sell something I do want to sell it so im willing to hustle with the right buyer. You and I both know the value is only going North so your never going to pay "to much" for it!. Ive seen full resto basket cases sell for 9-10k that need 20k throwing at them. Like crazy!

Final note. Im aware of all the scams, local and abroad due to past experience, so please dont try me on that. I will only conclude the sale verbally or face to face and cleared funds by bank transfer only. No money no car. 

Happy to take you for a drive to show you how good it is.