Meet Bumble - our 1972 Volkswagen Camper with full split-screen conversion and custom paint job.
I bought it in May, 2021, collecting from Scotland and bringing it down to the South Coast.
Since its purchase, we've used it a few times but sadly, not enough, hence now selling. I also hadn't factored in child growth and the fact that I actually hate camping... but had a cool vehicle to do it in and that made it ok!
She's had thousands spent on her by a previous owner and I have plenty of paperwork to show what's been done (Ex Bay Splits demo vehicle).
Mechanically she's great, drives well, and starts first time. It has a 1584cc recon VEGE petrol engine fitted which has been well maintained. It is currently taxed and is MOT exempt. Mileage is now just over 36,000 and is not currently in use, although was used recently as a prom car.
Inside it has a fitted sink, gas hob, and of plenty seating. There is a double fold-out bed, two suspended bunks in the pop-up roof, plus a suspended kids' bunk in the front cabin for one child. The front accommodates three people and there is one rear seat that also has a seatbelt fitted so four belts in total.
There's plenty of storage in the rear.
This camper qualifies for cheap classic car insurance, is MOT-exempt and the road tax is free.
That's all good but what about the bad? She needs love - lots of love!
The body rust is most evident around the gutter and other channels. There are various rust spots but all is treatable. Underneath is solid.
My plan was to take her back to bare metal and do a complete, new custom job but I don't have the time. The sliding door had been fixed but can be temperamental. The window winder on the passenger side doesn't work. The pop-top canvas could do with replacement, oh and I hit a pothole recently which cracked a rim. Annoying as she'd just had new tyres all around (the tyre on the rim wasn't damaged so will pass it on). She's currently sat on the spare.
I also cracked the fibreglass bumper on the front - easily fixed.
Bumble is truly one of a kind and draws a lot of attention. If restored as is, with current colours, custom airbrushing etc, you'd have a cracking-looking van. Or, see it as a blank canvas! Shout with any questions. (The awning was sold separately).
Asking £12,500 ONO.