One off designer colour scheme by Extraordinary Design in 2021. Originally a Holdsworth Villa. Just 2 owners and rustproofed from new. At 102k and a mild rebuild the air cooled 2 litre engine runs sweetly.

The van is an ongoing project and probably always will be, but a great platform for the next owner to continue to throw relatively small amounts of money at.

There’s a recent forecourt ding towards the offside rear and some minor welding will be needed to the passenger footwell, but not urgent. I can share photos of both photos of both.

Registered as a historic vehicle which means no road tax, no need for an MOT but we have one anyway and ULEZ exempt. 

I have a lot of original documentation and a long list of things we’ve spent money on since first acquiring this beauty. Space is limited here but if you are seriously interested drop me a PM and I’ll start to list them. I’ve set the price to reflect far less than we’ve spent, but for the right new home, I’ll negotiate.