Edit (29.01.24) - I forgot to mention the van has a decent immobiliser, you can see the key port on the dash just above the gearstick.   Hi, Tax, MOT & ULEZ exempt. Just an honest van this one. Listing all the bad points first.   - The bodywork needs attention - The rear cab interior roof will need replacing as it is bowing - The bottom of the front doors have rusted away (although good condition originals are being worked on)   Apart from that it's mechanically sound and is looked after. The van is in a dry unit and comes out in the summer months only.   The roof is solid, the seals are pretty good, not rusty in any structural places. This is a 'get in and drive' van...   We spent money on a new interior. It has a 1000 watt sine wave inverter/leisure battery setup. (Inside the top compartment above the table store) there is a single 240v plug socket on it. We used to use it with our coffee maker in the early mornings 🙂   It has the original kitchen, although some doors will need re-hanging. The draws are ok and has the original sink/cooker with gas bottle. It has a rock 'n' roll bed.   It has a CD/USB/Radio headunit and it is wired to two subltle tweeters in the corner of the dash, mid drivers under the dash & a small slim sub slipped under the driver's chair. It really changes the drive, great sound!   The engine is the sort after VW aircooled 2.0 Videos on request.     Text or call: 07783 155699 if you have any questions.