ghia semi automatic! This was a true barn find from California 6 years ago, it has undergone a full recommission, not restoration. Which means I have left the paint and interior mostly alone. Original seats, original carpets, windows, I have replaced the headliner and tided up the dash. All new window rubbers, door rubbers, new breaks all round, shocks all round, lowered spindles, new bearings and cv joints, new uk headlights and break light lenses, the electrics have been gone through and a partial rewire was completed, the engine was striped and inspected, gearbox shifts smooth and doesn’t make any noise, new hydraulic/vacu lines. As much of the original Vw stamped parts have been retained as possible other parts replaced with genuine quality parts. So much money has been spent on this car and the way it drives, it shows. Strange to drive if you are used to old vws but it’s crazy comfortable to drive and really fun,gets so much attention wherever you drive. Great car. 07919194580