For sale or swap for a superbike I do have a video of the beetle running pre-stripdown Unfortunately I have come to the realisation that Im not going to be able to complete my project any time soon (no longer self employed so days off are few and far between) I have owned this for a few years now and found out the pans had been welded to the channels and both were beyond saving, so I have cut out the old pans and tacked in position (needs welding in properly) the passenger channel has been replaced but not very well (would suggest re doing) and the drivers side is ready for the new Chanel ( I have  klasicfab channels for both sides that just cost me the best part of 1k) I have lots of other pics I can send and a video of it running pre disassembly still running 6v 30hp engine. I have everything I have taken off so all there to put back together just needs someone with time and welding skills to do the car justice. It will no doubt need other bits of metal work what with it being a 66year old bug that never had a proper resto. If it doesn’t sell I will most probably take a week off work and get everything sorted then put up for about 13k. Happy to send more pics as needed. Collection only from Reading RG7 Just an FYI the body is not bolted down to the pans so this needs to be taken into consideration when collecting